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The SSL Team and the Sailing Athletes Foundation (SAF) are delighted to announce the SSL Gold Cup Finals are scheduled to be held between 10th November and 3rd December 2023.

SSL Gold Cup (c) Martina Orsini
SSL Gold Cup (c) Martina Orsini

To host an event of the scale of the SSL Gold Cup Finals, a huge number of factors need to be taken into consideration, and the team have been evaluating all the factors to ensure a successful event.

The international sailing calendar plays a huge part in organisation, and the team have liaised with the major event organisers to find a time which will suit with as many of the top sailors in the world as possible, so that the SSL Gold Cup Finals attract the best sailing athletes on the planet to represent their national teams.

The SSL Gold Cup is all about the sailors. It was conceived and developed by sailors. Like the football World Cup, this is a competition between nations, and each and every team is 100% made up of sailors from that nation.

11 sailors make up a team, with 8-10 sailors on board each boat. Working from back to front, regular yacht racers will recognise the roles: tactician, helm, main trimmer, grinder, two trimmers, pit, mid-bow and bow.

Further details will be announced in due course.